Unfortunately you won’t be flying anywhere, but Red Bull TV will take its viewers around the world on their six episode documentary – a unique journey of ancient cultural traditions and festivals in the modern world.

This new six-part documentary explores extraordinary communities and their deeply rooted cultural traditions.

Red Bull TV takes viewers behind the scenes at some of the worlds oldest most culturally enhanced places that celebrate intriguing festivals.

Viewers can expect remote islands of the Pacific Ocean, to historic market town of Ashbourne in UK, Spain, Argentina, Japan and the Philippines – just to mention a few!

Along this journey, Red Bull TV will dig up all deeply rooted cultures for the audience to experience.

Each festival within the series presents participants with an opportunity to demonstrate their courage and honour as they venture to take their place in history books.

Without giving too much away, here is what festivals and destinations awaits you in each episode:

Episode 1: Royal Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England. Celebrating a tradition that dates back to King Henry II.

The annual festival allows thousands of players to participate in three miles of town terrain.

Royal Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne

Episode 2: Cascamorras in Andalusia, Spain. Beyond the Running of Bulls, this annual event entails one man from the town of Guadix in Southern Spain to be the Cascamorras.

This means the man who tries to reclaim a holy statue of the Virgin Mary from its neighbouring town of Baza.

Cascamorras in Andalusia, Spain

Episode 3: Onbashira held in Lake Suwa, Nagano Japan. A festival uninterrupted for 1,200 years, taking place once every six years, in the years of the Monkey and Tiger.

Onbashira held in Lake Suwa, Nagano Japan

Episode 4: Fiesta de la Tradicon, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. Guachos from across Argentina have gathered here once a year to show off their horsemanship since 1939.

Fiesta de la Tradicon, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Episode 5: Gotad-Ad Kiangan held in Ifugao, Philippines. Think a feast of dancing, chanting and folk singing with enriched cultural activities and games as the centrepiece of the festival.

Gotad-Ad Kiangan held in Ifugao, Philippines

Episode 6: Tapati Rapa Nui Easter Island, Polynesia. A tradition dating back some 1500 years two teams of tribal ancestors compete in a test of masculine strength and feminine grace as they celebrate local culture and welcome new visitors to the island.

Tapati Rapa Nui Easter Island, Polynesia