We all know the struggles and mundane nature of vacuuming. There's almost always something more productive that we could be doing! With the most recent development in the vacuum cleaner robot world, Electrolux PUREi9, you can create your own custom cleaning plan through a smartphone. Living in the future means that you're now able to clean your home from anyplace, anytime.

With a solid focus on buyers’ relative and dynamic ways of life, Electrolux was the first to dispatch a vacuum cleaner robot – manufactured before the revolutionary craze- in 2001. From that point onward, Electrolux has consistently enhanced ease of use paired with exceptional design to superbly align with the modern customer and their bustling lifestyles.

The launch of the most recent endeavour in their robot range is no exemption – the Electrolux PUREi9 is produced to precisely and efficiently deal with the whole cleaning process for you, giving you the flexibility to do what you really want with your time. Here are just a few of its great features.

Purei9 Features

With its creative 3D Vision System, the Electrolux PUREi9 precisely scans the space to avoid snags and crashes. Additionally, it’s 3D mapping navigation enables it to clean in an organized and effective way, abstaining from cleaning the same region repeatedly. It can be controlled from anyplace by using your mobile phone.

The PUREi9 application gives you the option to create and modify a learning schedule, check it’s status and control the vacuum cleaner from anywhere. It Also features a smart charging and resuming system, PUREi9 does not battle with discovering its way back to where it ceased cleaning prior to its charging. It will continue cleaning where it’d left off.

The 3D mapping navigation also keeps it from stalling out on carpets and rugs, under furniture and keeps it from tumbling down the stairs.

A lot of the time, modern homes can represent a challenge as far as cleaning goes, with complex furnishings and variety of edges and corners. PUREi9 resolves this issue with its exceptional triangular Trinity shapeTM and PowerBrush, allowing it to completely clean along walls, dividers, in corners, as well as other deterrents and obstacles. once again taking into consideration the modern home, PUREi9 offers a one of a kind look and feel with a contemporary colour palette and material selection.

Julian Huitfeldt, Electrolux’s General Manager for Australia, says that,

“With housecleaning being part of most people’s everyday lives, we strive to make this as care-free as possible. The new PUREi9 is perhaps our foremost example of this. This is a product that is developed to enable consumers to spend time, and focus, on the things that really matters to them.”

The PUREi9 launches today (15.3.18), and you can get your hands on your very own! For more information or to order your own, visit: