With Australia’s snow season now well and truly here, many of us are gearing up for long weekends full of skiing, hot chocolate and hiking. However, before we get to the fun of it all, were faced with the overwhelming decision of what to pack, how to fit the additional layers and equipment, and how to not look like an over-packed novice when arriving at the hotel foyer.

So we’ve called upon Katmandu product and training expert, Daan Dijkstra, to help us through! He ensured us winter packing doesn’t need to resort to sitting on the suitcase so it zips up!

Here are Daan’s hottest tips and tricks for packing for the slopes:

1. Get a jacket that adapts
Your jacket will be the make or break of your enjoyment off the slopes. Expect wind, sun, snow and rain and look for jackets that can combat all four. This will mean layering with a protective shell and then mid layers for warmth, or, save time by investing in one jacket that “ticks all the right boxes”. For some inspiration check out the Kathmandu XT Ultralight Down Jacket.

2. Get the right bag and pack right
Rather than jamming all but the kitchen sink into the car, consider purchasing an economical, space savvy backpack. While you may only intend to move it from car to lodge and back again, restricting your baggage to one medium sized backpack will force you to limit your packing.

A hybrid pack that you can wheel along the asphalt at home, but carry on your back when on ice is also a good choice. Kathmandu’s all new Terrane Adapt Backpack is worth a look!

3. Don’t forget the sun
Don’t return to work on Monday red faced. Wind-burn and the reflecting sun will catch you out if you don’t protect your skin before and after your session on the slopes. Sunscreen, SPF lip balm and aloe are your winter friends.

Also purchasing a good set of ski goggles will help prevent the lethal snow glare, allowing skiers to take in the beautiful surrounds whilst gliding down the mountain.

4. Bulk Down
Winter gear is big and bulky. Compress your down jackets, fleeces and woollies with a compression packing cell. Not only will it save you room, but packing cells also help to separate clean from dirty, wet from dry and keep cables and tech products away from moisture.

5. Footwear
Even if you are planning on spending all of your time on the slopes. You can’t wear your ski boots into the restaurant at night. Look for shoes that provide plenty of insulation, those All-Stars will not cut it! Try Kathmandu’s Winter burn boots.

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Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.