Ocean Terminal Deck is Hong Kong’s newest attraction and it is now open to the public. Considered the best venue to enjoy Hong Kong’s sunset with the 270-degree panorama of Victoria Harbour.

With over 50 years of heritage and home to Hong Kong’s largest shopping centre, Harbour City has always strived to grow hand in hand with the city. Ocean Terminal is a part of the new extension Harbour City building had undergone.

Maybe it’s made for executives or it could be for politicians who want to be inconspicuous but still experience the delights of an absolutely epic car. With all its amazing safety features, it’s also an ideal car for a family.

The driver’s seat is so comfortable that for one crazy moment you want to rip it out and use it as your couch. That’s how good it feels. You can even adjust the seat, tweaking it for your upmost comfort. You also have the option to run cool or warm air through little vents on the seats.

The stunning new building was designed by Foster + Partners, and internationally renowned architecture firm. The aim of the project was to maximise the geographic advantages of Harbour City to allow the public to enjoy the new harbour views from different angles.

Breathtaking views built alongside the sea with panoramic scenery of the Victory harbour is the ultimate attraction you should visit on your next trip to Hong Kong.

Watch the encapsulating video below that showcases this stunning new venue!