We all know the pains of having to manually collect and roll up our hoses (as if the chore of watering the garden or washing the car wasn’t enough), or on the other end of the spectrum – having an automatic hose reel that operates with such power and velocity it could take someone’s eye out! Nylex’s 30-metre Automatic Hose Reel tackles both of these problems with one simple solution.

The Nylex 30m Automatic Hose Reel will reel your hose in at a responsible and reasonable rate, relieving the stress of watching your hose whip around aimlessly, potentially hurting someone or your precious plants!

The innovative solution to previously unruly hose reels features:
  • A •level-track rewind system that stops the hose from twisting and kinking
  • •A hose feed “locks” and “unlocks” with ease
  • A •Rotatation of 180 degrees that makes hose retrieval easier
  • •UV protection with Nylex ‘anti-leak’ fittings
  • •2-year guarantee on the hose reel and a whopping 12-year guarantee on the hose

No longer will you have to duck for cover with your automated hose reel or give up manually collecting your hose. Nylex 30m Automatic Hose Reel ensures that the only work you have to do, it actually watering the plants.

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