We all sweat, and we all smell, and now we have NO PONG which is 100% natural anti-odourant made from chemical free ingredients!

NO PONG is super effective, all natural, unisex and made down under, here in Australia!

Say goodbye to masking up bad B.O. with regular deodorants. Keep yourself smelling fresh using the very best ingredients for the job!

100% natural, water resistant formula designed to stop sweaty bacteria from forming and causing the body to pong!

Lasts for over 12 solid hours and tested in tropical heat, stressful conditions and through sweat sessions at the gym.

The anti-odourant is fragranced with a gender-neutral blend of citrus, floral notes and hint of vanilla.

Simply apply NO PONG just like any other lotion directly onto armpits. Use a pea-sized amount on each armpit.

Once rubbed in, the formula is completely clear and undetectable.

Merge science and nature and you have this awesome formula referred to as ‘anti-odourant’. Created by Melanie McVean and Chris Caley of the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

With two science degrees between them, the pair teamed up and developed NO PONG, an extremely effective alternative to over-the-counter deodorant.

Stop the smell and purchase your very own NO PONG online now!