Technology is an amazing thing, and award winning University of Surrey has plans to revolutionise paper technology with Next Generation Paper!

The University of Surreys Professor, David Frohlich, has won £1.17 million in funding from the Digital Economy programme, to research and develop paper materials that allow readers to interact with printed materials.

This project is called “Next Generation Paper” and has plans to develop a new form of paper with hyperlinks to the web.

Readers will be able to get information on nearby digital devices by turning the page or touching the surface of the paper documents.

Professor Frohlich said, “We plan to give physical paper and digital information a whole new lease of digital life.”

“Elements of interactive paper have been around in prototype form for some time, but we hope our research will help create a mass market next generation paper for the 21st century.”

These links could vary from anything like online information, video clips, animation, sound and music, all done at the touch of a printed button.

When the button is touched, these will appear on TVs, music players, smartphones, tablets and computers.

The aim of the Next Generation Paper project is to assist in tourism technology, where people will have the ability to combine both printed and digital information.

We look forward to hearing more about the Next Generation Paper project in the future.