LG Re-defines State-of-the-art Living with the new ultra premium LG Signature range, now available in Australia.

This new approach LG has taken on is a collaboration between LG Electronics and world renowned industrial designer, Torsten Valeur.

Appliances are smarter than ever before with technology constantly increasing and changing the way we use and consume.

What does this flashy new range include? With so much hype about indoor air and humidifiers, you bet LG has released their own sleek air purifier.

Who better to represent the product than renowned Australian Fitness Instructor, Tanya Poppet, who swears by the product.

“Your health and fitness doesn’t just stop with your exercise and eating habits”, said Tanya.

Research suggests the air inside our homes can be more toxic and harmful to humans than the air we breathe outdoors – if you think about all the pollutants outdoors you would want to know what nasties are polluting your home to make it bad.

“You need to be mindful of your surrounding environment and remove pollutants that clutter your mind and the air you breathe. So for me, that’s where the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier comes in – it’s a natural extension of the healthy life I try to lead,” said Tanya.

Its time to look after our bodies, even the air we breathe, because sometimes those things we can’t see can be the most harmful.

If you wish to learn more about the new Ultra Premium LG Signature Rage visit here.