Design company Mujjo has launched an innovative Leather Wallet Phone Case, which is as aesthetic as it is practical.

The case turns your iPhone into your wallet, so that the only other thing you need to remember are your keys.

Based on Mujjo’s hugely popular iPhone X case collection, Mujjo’s cases are known for complementing the iPhone’s iconic design without being distracting or ostentatious.

The mobile’s slim profile is wrapped with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather to offer protection from everyday knocks and bumps while adding a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel.

The leather looks terrific when first used and it just gets better with time, as the colors become richer and the material becomes softer.

Inside, the cases are lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber, providing a satin-like finish and soft padding for your iPhone X.

Even the buttons are fully covered in leather, which adds to the sleekness of the overall design.

The camera opening and mute button are tapered inwards for effortless use and a smooth aesthetic.

The leather rises 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from your screen.

The Leather Wallet Case adds a pouch on the back to create a winning combination that is designed to make your everyday day life more convenient.

Marked by a slant line and stitched securely to the back, it provides an opening sized to fit two or three cards. If you’re still a bit old-school, you can slip some cash in too.

Robin Nagelmaeker, Mujjo’s Co-Founder, said about the new design: “They’ll conveniently store your hotel card, credit card, any card you might need. And they look brilliant as well.”

The well-known Mujjo original is widely praised and used by growing numbers of devotees.

And if you don’t want to use your iPhone as a wallet, Mujjo still has you covered. The company has a massive collection of leather cases that showcase their classic design ethos: beautifully simple and slender designs, elevated by premium materials.