This is an A class Mercedes ... A 200 to be exact. I live a very busy life and am always on the run between workouts, meetings and work so I need a car that can cater to all my needs.

My ideal car is one that is quick, reliable, tech savvy, spacious and most importantly- looks great. One of the most exciting features is the wireless charger. It’s so convenient and easy to use. I love the comfort of these artico leather seats, I could definitely take this for long drives up the coast.

My personal favourite feature is the new, intuitive MBUX multimedia system which is voice activated and has been designed exclusively for the driver.

I love being able to adapt every little detail of the interior displays. You can even switching between the three display styles : classic, sport or understated.

This car is literally a life saver for me and well every slightly less skilled driver with its advanced parking assistance – visual sensor map.

The A200 is so nice and smooth to drive, easy to navigate through the busy beach roads and in the city. No matter where I’m going, I feel amazing driving this car. The perfect accessory.

Well this model certainly ticks all my boxes, and is easy on the eye as well.