Imagine an afternoon, being outdoors in the heat, listening to the ocean around you and feeling the soft sea breeze. Everything becomes a little hazy, the sun hides away and a light sprinkle of rain begins to fall. You feel the refreshing splash of water seep into your skin and somehow this makes you feel simple and free. This is the story behind the fragrance for women, Marc Jacobs Splash Rain.

Marc Jacobs Splash Rain is a water based scent, inspired by the aroma of water and air. With notes of cypress, wild strawberry, sunflower, orchid, amber and musk, this fragrance is sure to differ from the usual floral and oriental woody scents commonly used in woman’s perfumes.

The Marc Jacobs Splash Rain fragrance is presented in a light blue, rectangular, glass bottle with a simple black cap. The clean design of the bottle represents the fragrance perfectly and captures the image of the scent.

Marc Jacobs Splash Rain is a fragrance made for the carefree, light-hearted, radiant, cheerful, natural woman who appreciates the world of nature. She is most content by the water, where she is free and at peace with herself.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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