Dining out can cost a small fortune, not to mention the battle between choosing to invest in a home or smashed avo on toast.

As Millennials we enjoy experience over owning stuff, and we’re known to be currently reaching the peak of our spending power.

Luckily for us, we have a new app ‘Liven’ to save the day!

This new app is fine dining hack that lets you feast at the fanciest restaurants for the same price as a Macca’s meal.

Liven is a restaurant rewards and loyalty app taking on Sydney and Melbourne by storm.

The app is designed for the social creatures who go out for dinner with groups of friends on a regular basis.

The 25% cash back credit that you earn from paying the bill through Liven meals every second meal could be free (while your friends pay full price).

For instance, say your bill is $100 and everyone throws in $25 each, but you say “Hey, I’ll put this on my card”, you get a $75 in cash from the other diners for the $100 bill through liven and you get $25 in liven cash-back credit.

So the next time you dine out, you will have that $25 credit to spend and Voila! You will be eating caviar on a budget in no time.

More than 500 restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne have adopted Liven, so you have endless choices to meet your dining expectations.

This little hack lets you dine at Massi (Melbourne) or Meat District Co (Sydney) for a fraction of the price through the unwitting benevolence of your besties!

For more information check out Liven online.

Start your fine dining on a budget experience today!