Bookworms this ones for you, we have a fantastic non-fiction story that will take you through the mountains of Hindu Kush, travel, and crime.

Author Gabi Martinez is set to have his latest novel IN THE LAND OF GIANTS hunting monsters in Hindu Kush, hit the shelves on May 1 2017.

Hindu Kush is the main mountain range of Afghanistan and was made famous by Alexander the Great during his conquering-travel east.

The name ‘Hindu Kush’ literally translates to ‘Killer of Hindus’ – definitely a more controversial name but with good reason.

The story of IN THE LAND OF GIANTS is an obsessive trip, of a murder, of several love affairs, of a journey, of an adventurer of who got lost forever and the danger latent in trying to uncover an elusive truth and truth for he who wants it told.

Fascinating from start to finish, this is sure to get you hooked into a world of adventure, mystery and discovery.

Based around the decisions and discoveries made by a once brilliant student of the natural world, Jordi Magraner.

His observations and investigations lead him to places where legendary barmanu had been sighted, and he began to develop a thesis about the life of a wild man.

Jordi turns his back on Europeans who try to help him and instead puts his trust with a group of Afghani youths fleeing the Taliban, and a wondrous working dog called Fjord.

Join Jordi on this enthralling journey of detection and adventure in the Himilayans, where the truth is never as clear and pristine as the majestic mountains and fast flowing streams.

IN THE LAND OF GIANTS; hunting monsters in Hindu Kush will be available on on MAY 1.