There’s nothing like that favourite pair of jeans that fits like a glove and provides comfort on a bad hair day – the eventual wears and tears documenting your unique daily experiences.

Denim shopping can however be a source of frustration for those who struggle to find a flattering fit that ticks all the boxes.

Just Jeans is well known for its comprehensive range of quality denim, carefully curated after almost 50 years of experience and close attention to customers’ needs. With an array of cuts and brands to suit everyone’s requirements, Just Jeans vastly simplifies the once complex art of denim shopping.

The wonderful Slim & Flatten jean within the Just Jeans Shaping Range deserves special mention. With an innovative double button ‘tummy control panel’ and use of familiar, traditional denim, the jeans are a must-have for any woman seeking a great fit and smooth silhouette.

Amaze denim is the holy grail of the Just Jeans range, and is certainly my personal pick. It’s a light-weight, super soft denim that expands to fit each individual’s specific shape perfectly without sticking to or magnifying any ‘problem areas’ – an issue typical of most skinny jeans.

Amaze jeans also hold their shape fantastically, and if stretching does occur they bounce back to size after a cold wash. The jeans are manufactured in mid-rise and high-rise options and seasonally come in a slim boyfriend style for a comfortable, summery look. Pair them with one of Just Jeans’ feminine, airy tops and you’ll be turning heads!

Of all the branded denim available, Levis is undoubtedly at the top of the list. They’re unrivalled in terms of quality and durability, and the logical numbering system makes it easy to identify your favourite style in store. For an on-trend, tight fit try the 710 Super Skinnys or 721 High Rise jeans. For a classy fit with a little more room, I recommend the 312 Shaping Slims or the 314 Shaping Straights, a flattering option for more curvaceous women.

With many shops stocking only limited styles and individual branded stores becoming increasingly difficult to locate, and the wonderful Just Jeans range makes it easier than ever to find that perfect pair of jeans.