If you love pop-art, feast your eyes on Jump From Paper Bags!

Jump From Paper bags are modern Taipei-based fashion accessory that have taken the fashion world by storm!

No you’re not seeing things – these are real life cartoon-like bags that will have people taking a second and third glance!

Jump From Paper Bags and Backpacks

Inspired by the quirky “kids of the internet” age, these bags are fun and wearable art!

We first spotted these bright, simple coloured blocked bags on Instagram; it was only to my surprise that what I thought was an edited image was actually a real life bag.

I was amazed, like most people are and that’s what makes these bags super popular and cool! They really do trick the eyes.

As two-dimensional as they look these bags are the perfect fashion statement if you want to stand out.

The company’s philosophy is simple, “Why take everything so serious?”

Jump From Paper

The bold, colourful and graphic illustrations that seemingly “jump from paper” come in the form of highly functional handbags, backpacks, and wallets.

Express your unique side and individuality in the timeless and cool collections including the Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Find Jump From Paper bags online at their website and get in touch with your inner quirkiness.

Jump from paper spaceman pink-900x900