Melbourne is the home of the new IXL Fresco Aurora, the ultimate appliance in outdoor entertaining.

Want to maximise your comfort when entertaining guests outdoors? Look no further, this product is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for heating and lighting.

This latest innovation is a never-before-seen combination of three key features – radiant warmth, mood lighting, and task lighting.

The IXL Fresco Aurora will take year-round outdoor entertainment to the next level and it’s all controlled via free smartphone app or an optional remote control.

A unqiue combination of radiant warmth, mood lighting and task lighting to best suit you for any occasion.

Set a theme to your outdoor party by simply using your smart phone or the optional control to change the colour of the light.

If you want a more basic light that will help light up the entire space, the task lighting option is your best option.

Extend outdoor living to every season even on those cold winter nights with the IXL Fresco Aurora’s heat function.


Halo heat technology provides the optimal level of warmth via two types of 1000 watt carbon fibre medium wave infrared lamps.

These are highly efficient reflectors direct 95 per cent heat downwards, so the warmth is absorbed by people and objects and unaffected by wind.

IXL Fresco Aurora’s aesthetic features are designed to suit for al fresco, verandah, balconies and patio areas, and they can be suspended from flat or gabled roofs.

All IXL products are designed and engineered in Australia and can be purchased online with the Fresco retailing at $1199 and up.

For further information on the IXL Fresco Aurora visit the online site.