We’ve all heard of indoor soccer, indoor netball, and indoor tennis but what about indoor skydiving?

Are you chasing a bit of adrenaline but aren’t willing to jump out of a plane? Now you can get a similar sky diving experience and you don’t even have to go outdoors!

Even though there’s a very minor chance of anything life threatening happening with the real thing, some of us rather stay on the safe side and that’s where Indoor Skydiving comes in.

Brought to you by Adrenaline, Indoor Skydiving is an experience that awaits all people at all ages over 3 years old.

Experience the same adrenalin rush as free-fall skydiving with safe and realistic indoor skydiving.

Located at Penrith Panthers, this could be the perfect Christmas gift for your family members, partners or friends! Guaranteed fun for everyone.

With a number of package deals up for offer you can chose the most suitable for you – these include:

  • 2 x flights for one person in the tunnel
  • Instructor whizz you towards the top of the 13 metre high wind tunnel
  • Each flight lasts for almost 1 minute which is an equivalent to a 14,000ft skydive
  • Training sessions
  • Flight suit, helmet and safety goggles
  • Hands on personal assistance from your instructor
  • Souvenir flight certificate

This is the perfect alternative for those who always wanted the same adrenaline experience as sky diving but are either afraid of jumping sky high.

Prices start at $109.00 for an intro pack of 2 x flights. For more packages and details visit adrenaline online.