In the dark meaning our technology-connected world is more disconnected than ever before.

Our lives are have been over consumed by technology and many people are lead to believe their illnesses is a result of former phone use.

We don’t know the full impact wireless technologies like our smartphones or tablet devices truly have on the human body.

What we do know is they are heavily addictive, this then leads us to becoming more consumed and left in the dark than ever before.

Author and Environmental Scientist, Jason Bawden-Smith believes that, with regard to the harmful effects of living in a technology connected world, we are currently living in the dark.

His book, In The Dark, explores our modern day lifestyle and the implications technology has on our bodies

Some of the questions that are investigated consider duration of time spent in artificial light in front of a laptop, use of microwave, Bluetooth in your car, how long you spend time “relaxing” on a tablet, smartphone or television, and do you sleep with your smartphone near your head?

In The Dark

Most of us including myself are guilty of most of those things, if not all.

The alarming news is when we consider how we feel on a daily basis. This includes this like;

  • Suffering from unexplained headaches
  • Hear ringing in the ears
  • Lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Annoying allergies
  • Lack of sleep/trouble sleeping

Bawden-Smith investigates this in the book and if there could be a connection.

Its without saying technology serves as a great function to us today, and will continue to advance as time goes on.

However, In The Dark simply explores how we can manage our consumption and brings stronger awareness to the adverse effects.

In The Dark is available at Major Street Publishing. Visit them online for more information.