If you’re a café owner who wants to support sustainable practices while also creating an enjoyable customer experience, then HuskeeCup is the product for you. The innovative Australian company, Huskee, has invented the HuskeeCup — a sustainable coffee cup made from leftover coffee materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Coffee husks are used to build the cup, which are organic waste materials produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By purchasing HuskeeCup, you are helping recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the coffee production process.


The cup comes in three sizes — six ounces, eight ounces or 12 ounces. So whether customers are small coffee drinkers or fully-fledged coffee addicts, cafes can provide their patrons the ideal cup size.

This coffee cup is as sophisticated as it is sustainable, with features that make it durable/dishwasher friendly and thermal properties that keeps the coffee hotter for longer.

HuskeeCup’s heat absorption process will keep customers’ coffees piping hot for a long time.


The cup’s clever design also means that it’s comfortable to hold no matter how hot the beverage is inside, with fins mitigating the heat transfer.

HuskeeCup is also designed to withstand the rigours and demands of any café, whilst remaining elegant and attractive. Huskee decided to remove the handle from their cup design, which makes the cup easier to stack and less likely to break.


The coffee’s lid and saucer are also sustainable and sophisticated. Huskee has developed a single lid and saucer that work for every cup size, both made from the same unique husk material as HuskeeCup. Whether customers want to eat in or take away, your café will have both options covered.

For a café owner, HuskeeCup is the perfect solution: it reduces your eco-footprint while making your customers happy.

Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.