Probiotics… the latest health and wellness buzzword is popping up everywhere… Instagram, cafe menus, it’s added to supermarket ice cream, soft drinks, even popcorn!

But did you know the healthy belly booster is now an ingredient in cleaning products?

Wellness expert and founder of Bulletproof says modern living has created an “epidemic of absence” when it comes to good bacteria in our home. Why? Many cleaning products we use strip away the bacteria that has made its may inside, we’re also spending less and less time outside, amongst the soil and nature.

This means we’re simply not coming into contact with live, good bacteria the way we used to and this is affecting our gut.

Adding to this, author of The Dirt Cure, Maya Shetreat-Klein MD, says this sterile environment puts us at greater risk for developing allergies and a weaker immune system.

So let’s do something about this now!

Homebiotic by Bulletproof is an all-natural probiotic spray that helps restore a beneficial bacterial microbiome in your home.

Derived from healthy soil, Homebiotic can be misted onto target areas – like carpet, walls, under sinks and windowsills.

If you have a mould problem, this is the perfect product for you. Once applied on the mouldy surface, good bacteria grow in the treated areas and suppress the pathogenic fungi in order to establish their own colonies. Botanical oils help break down the mould so the bacteria can suppress it more easily.

Made from all natural ingredients (water, organic molasses, bacterial cultures and enzymes, organic citrus-derived botanical oils) you can rest easy knowing you’re treating your home with a product that’s safe and beneficial.

You can ffind Homebiotic by Bulletproof here.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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