Being a grossly saturated market, skincare is often a point of contention, confusion and frustration amongst most of the community. There’s a rub for this and a cream for that, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. With over 9000 chemicals being introduced to Australia every day, only a handful are regulated, many are also not available for public research. Shockingly, most cosmetic companies omit 20% of the chemicals they use in their products from the labels, obscuring the consumers understanding of exactly what they’re actually putting on and in their skin.

Herbs and Heart offers a natural alternative to cheap, yet marked up and ineffective celebrity endorsed “skin care” laden with incomprehensible chemicals and other artificial nasties. We tried their mud mask to put their earthly skin remedy to the test, and boy were we impressed.

The multifaceted moisturising dual mask and cleanser Face Mud works to gently exfoliate & remove embedded dirt, whilst their potent ‘bio-actives’ deliver deep nourishment & hydration. The three most predominant of these include Manuka honey, orange peel and sandalwood. Honey is known for having an abundance of incredible topical health benefits. These include being a potent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. This is in addition to some impressive vitamin delivery and amino acid profile makes for great skin food.
Orange, as well as smelling fantastic also contains properties that make it a natural astringent, assisting in drawing out dirt from the pores and cleansing them simultaneously. The orange peel is intertwined with powdered sandalwood to deliver optimum exfoliation for the removal of dead skin cells to reveal bright, fresh skin.
I used Herb and Heart‘s “face mud” over three nights during my shower routine, leaving it on for around 2-3 minutes before rinsing. I was initially worried about sticky residue as the consistency is very thick and very dark, however, it washed away with surprising ease needing little more than just the shower stream, and when it did… revealed incredibly clean, soft and moisturised skin. I had not expected it to penetrate as deeply as the results showed, but I could really feel the effects of the orange particularly. I loved this product personally and as an environmentalist and animal rights advocate, Herbs and Heart‘s sustainable, natural and cruelty-free skincare ticks all the boxes. I needed little moisturiser afterwards as H+H have also incorporated the hydrating and softening effects of aloe, coconut and apricot. The product has an alternative application for a more luxurious outcome, allowing you to leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes. I can’t wait to put this to the test on the weekend, judging by the great results I’ve had utilising its short-term application.

I highly recommend this treat-yourself tonic for anyone looking to revitalise their skin without hurting the environment, animals, or their bank account. Purchase Face Mud here. For more about Herbs and Heart and their great range click here.