GoBabyGo Harness System is an Australian-first game changer, making a huge difference for mobility impaired children in our country.

Following the successful launch of GoBabyGo Cars in May this year, Therapies for Kids and GoBabyGo Australia are proud to announce the arrival of their first portable harness system.

This FUNctional therapy is all about giving children, who have never experienced mobility without assistance from another person, a chance to independently develop their skills and physical control in everyday life.

Children with moderate to severe mobility difficulties now have the freedom to move within the support structure and achieve tasks that were previously impossible.

The GoBabyGo Harness System will change the lives of so many children and families, is compact enough to fit into a medium sized car boot, and can be taken anywhere.

It’s low friction, lightweight ‘travel car’ system provides steady support wherever the user moves. All the support comes from above, which does not interfere with the child’s interaction and surroundings.

Happy client, Amalia, has been using the GoBabyGo Harness System every week after her therapy sessions and absolutely loves it, says her mother, Katarina Salasovicova.

“She has the feeling of independence and is able to freely move, whether its walking, crawling or jumping from one side to another in the direction she wants to go. We are looking into getting the harness system in our household.”

Therapies for Kids is for kids of all abilities. For more information, visit Therapies for Kids online.