Smiles at Mealtime with GizmoTots!

As a mum of a 12 month old, I know how stressful mealtime can be. Keeping calm whilst asking your little one to “please eat this darling, please don’t throw that” – and with a smile, is a daily challenge.

Then along came GizmoTots placemats!

Placemats for kids

No more up ended bowls, messy floors or broken crockery (yes I have snuck in an adult bowl hoping I could get away with it). Mealtime just became engaging and a whole lotta fun!

The silicone placemats naturally grip with any flat surface with an airtight seal, is dishwasher safe, doesn’t wear, does not harbor bacteria and one of the best bits – they promote self feeding. Cue the happy dance!


Best for babies 6 months +, GizmoTots are available in a frog, car and face style characters and in three fun colours.

The little ones are guaranteed to love these and will no doubt bring a smile to everyone’s face at mealtime. Now that is just pure bliss

Visit GizmoTots online here to purchase your very own special placemats!