Have you ever went to a meeting only to discover your Mac or iPad is dead? I know I have! Never fear, just pull out some paper and your trusty Equil Smartpen 2, then sync the notes to your device later on.

The Equil Smartpen 2 allows you to sketch, draw or write on any paper surface, then quickly and easily sync the paper copy. You can beautifully present your notes by highlighting key areas and inserting images.

If you don’t like your handwriting, no worries, you can even convert it to text!

The Equil Smartpen 2 makes it easier than ever to create, capture and share written ideas. You can convert scribble on a paper napkin to a digital form in seconds. So when that morning coffee kicks in and jot down your multi-billion dollar invention on the back of a napkin, you won’t have to worry about the waitress throwing away your future Maldives beach house and Bugatti.

So how does it work?! Equil JOT’s technology uses a combination of infrared rays and ultrasonic waves to determine the position of the pen in real-time, sending information via Bluetooth to the paired iOS device at a rate of 80 transmissions per second. Amazing huh?!

It’s lightweight, portable and allows you to write continually for up to eight hours between changes.

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Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.