Enbacci has spent years as a leading natural skin care brand, with their mission statement reading:

“Every plant consists of stem cells, but unlike humans, every plant cell has the potential to dedifferentiate itself and grow into an entirely new plant. This regenerative ability to self-renew has been of significant interest to Melbourne-based skincare company, Enbacci, who harvest and utilise fruit and plant based stem cells in their targeted range of skin and body care products.”

Their popular 3-step skincare system is called Vitis Vinifera, and it contains all the benefits of purple grapes sourced from France to provide plumpness as well as strengthen and invigorate skin. An unanticipated perk of this product was its scent. Not only does it smell divine, but has been scientifically studied to show it has a wide range of extra benefits in this extra-sensory profile for up to 96% of users! The scent generally evoked feelings of relaxation, content as well as customers reporting an elevated mood and overall sense of wellbeing.

Enbacci Candle and diffuser

Teaming up with a local fragrance house based in Melbourne, Enbacci has made their debut in the homeware market by releasing two home fragrance products: A candle and oil diffuser based on the Vitis Vinifera skincare range! Bringing the localised experience to your home to create an ambience of this spectacular range. Both products smell lightly of citrus fruits, teas such as green and bergamot, in addition to their trademark ‘happy’ scent exclusive to the Vitis Vinifera range.

Ebacci scent

Made with pure soy wax, the candles are hand-poured by Enbacci artisans. The pure soy composition demonstrates an even burn pool, is cruelty-free as is not made from bee’s wax and of course has a beautiful relaxing scent. Their wicks have been coated with a special secret blend of priming wax, keeping the flame controlled and allows for even burning, letting your candle last longer.

Customers report the aroma evoking feelings of clarity, cleanliness, as well as a homely sensation. The containers for the candles themselves are refined and modern, with an ergonomic silver lid to snuff out flames.

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