Fairtrade and female-owned Eloments has crafted an organic tea range that is infused with 100% natural vitamins and minerals. This world-first range is now available through Woolworths stores nationally.

The Eloments organic tea are free of the nasties and harmful chemicals that are found in many teas. Australian nutrition specialists have formulated the tea, a single cup of Eloments tea provides over 40% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, C & Zinc.

While most vitamins are made from synthetic compounds, the vitamins in Eloments are 100% natural since they have been extracted from holy basil, guava, amla, annatto, sesbania and lemon using a patented water-processing method. Plant-sourced vitamins are absorbed faster, are less likely to irritate and is the most alkaline way to dietary supplements.

There are many benefits to drinking the vitamin range. It was also evident via lab testing that vitamins immersed in hot water will have its content increased.

So sit back and enjoy the five rich flavours by Eloments including Double Lemon, Egyptian Mint, Ceylon Breakfast, Bourbon Vanilla and Summer Orange. Elemonts are offering readers a free sample during their launch at www.elemonts.com


Written by Atal Hakikat

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