Deadly Oceans surround us! We live on a planet that is made up of 70 per cent water, and we are yet to discover what lurks beneath the surface.

Within the pages you will find the work of award winning underwater photographers Nick Robertson-Brown and Caroline Robertson-Brown.

Their scuba adventures have taken them across the world and they have seen some unbelievable things.


The pair have been diving together since 1995, and in this book they are in search of the world’s deadliest sea creatures.

They cover some the most deadly and toxic marine critters dangerous to humans.

They also focus on predators that conceal themselves, perfectly camouflaged to their surroundings, waiting to strike, sometimes at mind-boggling speeds.sea creature


As humans who have only been exposed to certain marine life, this gives a magnificent insight into the rest of the 70% of the world around us.

Deadly Oceans, is illustrated with hundreds of stunning images with chapters that show off everything from jellyfish, sea-snakes, cone shells, to crocodiles and of course sharks.shark

You will be mesmerised by the amazing appearance and behaviour of these creatures. The images are unique and captivating.

Deadly Oceans is available at New Holland publishers