Are you looking for a new way, besides coffee and energy drinks, to help improve your productivity at work and improve your overall health? Just 30 minutes of physical activity per day could be the answer!

The good news is you can put steps into place today to kickstart your health and fitness goals, while reducing your risk of serious disease and illness caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Many people worry about starting an exercise regime for many reasons, especially over the fear of flaring up existing injuries, if this is you then cycling could be the answer.

Cycling is a low impact activity, therefore putting less strain and pressure on muscles and joints than other forms of exercise. It’s also very time-efficient: many Aussies combine exercise with their everyday routine by riding to work, replacing time spent sitting in a train or car with healthy exercise.

It’s also a fun way for people of all ages to get fit: enjoying the great outdoors, feeling the wind in your hair when you speed up, all while gaining your daily vitamin D intake along the ride.

However all this talk of cycling can be overwhelming when you think about actually purchasing a bike, there are so many out there, who do I trust?

With Specialized you know your journey is in safe hands, established in 1974 Specialized has years of experience and specialise in the science of perfection, displaying this in each and every bike they create. From seasoned pros to weekend warriors, kids to commuters, Specialized has your safety and your needs as their priority.

Their new Sirrus Elite Carbon bike combines a quality carbon frame and always-reliable Shimano Sora drivetrain – keeping you safe on your journey while also delivering a comfortable and fast ride.

The Axis Classic Disc wheels on Sirrus by Specialized come fitted with reliable and tough Specialized Espoir Sport Reflect 30mm tyres, which feature a reflective sidewall and BlackBelt casing – adding extra comfort and puncture protection on your journey.

Sirrus by Specialized is also very versatile – the rack and fender mounts allow you to carry gear and/or avoid road spray in bad weather.

Get fit, avoid traffic and stay safe on your journey with Specialized.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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