Get the smartest home on the block with Control4, one of the leading brands for automation benefits to keep your home connected.

In this day and age we have progressed with technology, which has given us endless so much accessibility to things that once were difficult to get to.

For instance, our phones aren’t just used for phone calls and texts; we use them for Internet browsing, social media, filming and photographs, monitoring our daily lives in health and fitness.

Now we can even use our smartphones in conjunction with other mediums like Control4 to monitor our homes.

This includes, security, lighting, climate control, blinds, sound systems, video intercom, camera systems, entertainment systems and so much more! All right at your very fingertips!


Ever second-guessed switching off the television, or worried you forgot to lock the front door?

Control4 products like offers you that piece of mind products that will keep your home completely connected and smart!

The most convenient way of living is now here for everyone and it can be controlled remotely by a time schedule from any room, or anywhere at any time.

Enjoy home automation, home control, keypads and screens that monitor every inch of your home, lighting control, multi-room systems, and universal remotes.

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