The super food craze has a new recruit and its Australia’s first CocoEarth Liquid Coconut Premium Oil (LCPO).

As we know, health centric consumers are always on the lookout for more nutritious alternatives to cooking oil.

This product is determined to quench the need for healthy alternatives to cooking oils.

CocoEarth LCPO goes beyond the health fad craze and established itself as a versatile super food.

It’s a natural multi-tasker for all kitchen and beauty needs and its entirely chemical free with no artificial ingredients.

One 500mL bottle of CocoEarth LCPO is made up of 25 organically grown matured coconuts.

With subtle taste and superior quality, picky eaters can rest assured that coconut aroma will not overwhelm their tastebuds.

Packing a nutritional punch, we have five key recipes all using the goodness of CocoEarth. Checkout the images below.

This product is all-natural and contains 1.5 times more healthy MTCs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) than regular virgin coconut oil.

Its unique composition provides a natural energy boost that increases ketones and strengthens a person’s immune system and metabolism.

CocoEarth LCPO has proven to be great for weight loss, stress relief, memory retention and controlling sugar levels.

It’s easy on the digestive system containing five times more capric and caprylic with its antimicrobial components.

On top of dietary benefits, the oil is a staple beauty product for hair, skin and nails.

What’s more is the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits so you can use it for almost everything and its completely safe!

For as little as $9.90 or as much as $13.00 replace other oils in your home with vegan friendly CocoEarth LCPO.

Now available nationally in Woolworths and Coles and selected health and independent food stores.

For further information, visit CocoEarth online and learn more about all the health benefits!