Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, lacking the sweat glands and oil-producing pores that would ordinarily protect other areas. In the blistering heat of summer and dry cold of winter, extra care is needed to protect our lips and keep them hydrated – a task effortlessly and entirely handled by Clean & Pure’s phenomenal new lip treatments.

The soothing formula stars olive oil inspired by the Greek Islands and real beeswax from tropical Queensland, known for its antibacterial properties and intensely hydrating effect. Made in Australia and ethically manufactured, you can enjoy your newly hydrated lips guilt-free.

Clean & Pure places special emphasis on sourcing authentic Australian ingredients, resulting in a level of quality that your lips are sure to notice.

In each of the balms, six or less natural ingredients are used – making it a perfect match for sensitive skin. Very impressively, the treatments soothed and hydrated my lips which are ordinarily agitated by even Vaseline – a testament to the truly natural and gentle formula that Clean & Pure has so carefully created.

The balms have an understated glossy appearance, and the Tinted Rose flavour adds a subtle pop of colour whilst not compromising on the nourishing benefits that all the balms provide. Clean & Pure offers a range of choices with other flavours including Vanilla, Pawpaw, Peppermint for a cooling effect and Cocoa Butter and Manuka Honey for those who prefer a plainer scent.

With their simple and sophisticated packaging, easy application, distinguished quality and affordable pricing, Clean & Pure’s flavoursome lip balms make the perfect addition to any makeup bag and companion no matter what the weather – letting you do the things you love in comfort and in style.

RRP $6