One of the most iconic brands in the world, the house of Chloe is known for the range of crisp, feminine fragrances. Launched in the 1970’s by head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, The Original by Chloe is definitely still one of the the most loved fragrances by fashionable women all over.

The very first of The Original by Chloe was introduced in 1975 in an award-winning bottle that portrayed the stem of a calla lily, designed by Joe Messina. The scent was of white floral mixed with jasmine, honeysuckle and a slight hint of exotic coconut. At the time, it was the scent of youth.

The second of the three was bought to the public in the 1980’s. This fragrance embodied a more classic, modern, rosy scent. With notes of rose, magnolia and lily, this edition captured more of an amber and cedar wood base compared to the first.

The latest edition of The Original by Chloe became available in early 2008, in a modern bottle with a champagne coloured bow, loosely tied around the oval metal cap. The scent derives from the previous, with amber and cedar based notes mixed with light rose, magnolia and lychee notes.

The Original by Chloe fragrances have been admired by women all over the world simply for the romantic, modern, light and unique scent of each fragrance. Also available is The Original by Chloe Intense, a stronger Chloe scent as well as body lotion and cream to match. The Chloe fragrance is for for every woman, yet feels personal at the same time.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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