Cheapflights survey has recently uncovered Australians are splashing cash in airports and spending over half a billion dollars on duty free shopping annually.

Those under 45 were found to be the biggest spenders forking out an extra $42 more than those over 45 years of age.

More findings from a second Cheapflights survey showed 7 in 10 people (71%) would normally make a duty free purchase.

These totals to a national average spend of $88 per visit to the airport.

This expenditure is in addition to the almost $210 million devoted to pre-flight booze at airports, plus the money on top of pre-flight activities.

Airport Etiquette

For example, past airport check-in, women are more like to prioritise getting a bite to eat or grab a duty-free bargain (33%), while men prioritise finding a seat to kick back and relax (35%).


Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager at Cheapflights said, “despite Aussies laid back reputation, just four per cent of people surveyed said they had ever been late for a flight, meaning the majority are arriving at the airport with time to kill.”

It’s a no brainer that shopping is a way to pass time but this leads us to asks – are Australians a nation of duty free shopaholics and queue cutters?Cheapflights Airport Survey Results

Not only did the survey analyse expenditure of Australians, but also behaviours commonly seen at airports causing “airport tension”.

Crowds and queues are common in airports, but there are generally unspoken rules that most people think of as common sense.

Nope, not for some people! One in three people identified queue jumping as the most annoying behaviour, while others state taking too long when in front of them in the line.

More pet hates include; obnoxiously loud in public, holding own phone conversations without speaking discreetly, and dodging kicks when having to walk through crowds.

As a traveller and airport visitor we have to work together to combat stresses and ensure our airport experience is a stress free breeze.

If you catch yourself doing unintentionally doing any of these habits, don’t worry you are now aware! Work towards avoiding them.

Cheapflights Airport Survey Results

Cheapflights have compiled 10 airtiquette tips:

  1. Get carded: Boarding pass? Check. ID? Check. Whether you’re a frequent flier or travel just once a year, you know the drill, have them in your hand early.


  1. Stay in your lane: Just like in traffic and when walking down the street, stay in your lane. If it is the security line, keep your hands free to swiftly go through the metal detector or scanner.


  1. Dress for success: Limit the amount of items you have to take off when travelling through security – think sweaters, belts, hats, watches and jewellery that could set off the alarm. Not only does this make for a speedy transition for you, but also everyone in line behind you will be thankful.


  1. Family feud: If you’re traveling with kids in tow, decide in advance who is holding what and which caretaker is helping which child hoist what items through the scanner and ushering who through security.


  1. Everything but the kitchen sink: Even if you are traveling with kids, pack light. Airlines have restrictions on the number of carry-on items for a reason.


  1. Easy access: Pack your laptop and tablet in an easily accessible place like the side pocket of your suitcase or a compartment in your backpack to make it easy to slide the device in and out of your bag.


  1. Choose the place: If at any time during the security screening process you feel frustrated, try to go with the flow or if you need to vent, take to social media or call later.


  1. Politely power up: When you’re done charging your device(s), move away from the charging station to allow other travellers to power up before take-off. Better yet, bring your own power strip and make some new friends.


  1. Know your space: Once you have a seat at your gate, don’t hog the entire row by putting your belongings on each seat. Instead, grab an aisle seat and neatly stack your items next to it.


  1. Don’t be a gatecrasher: Regardless of where you’re sitting, don’t hover at the gate. Wait for your row or zone to be called and then approach the gate with your boarding pass in hand.

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