Isn’t it a pain when your speakers get drenched from the beach, not affording you the functionality of listening to your music? Now you can with the AJ2, a waterproof speaker from Aquajam. Most speakers are only water resistant but not waterproof. Now you’ve got the luxury of both. Relax in the pool with your speakers which can go as deep as a metre for up to half an hour at a time.

You could be out all day and don’t have to worry as there’s a battery life of up to 10 hours. If cycling is your thing, just attach the included Bike Mount and fix the speaker to your handlebars. It’s music when you want it and functionally designed to survive the elements.

If you want the offspring of the AQUAJAM AJ2, you could try the mini, the perfect present for children and adults alike. It comes in a lime green, sky blue or yellow colour. Hook it up to your key chain with the carabineer. It’s got a battery life of up to 3 hours.

The AJ2 by AQUAJAM has a built-in microphone, enabling users to take calls while in the shower if you really want to multitask. It’s like a remote with a power button and volume control buttons for easy scrolling. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the AJ2 is able to be hooked up to any device with Bluetooth. Listen to your music in the shower, on your kayak, surfboard and snowboard with the multi-purpose waterproof 3M mount. It comes in yellow, black or red and you don’t have to worry about how sturdy it is. It was made for pool parties.

Get this practical gift at Target either online or in store. It’s the perfect summer present to bring the music outside.

Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.