Although a touchy subject, death crosses all of our minds during our life. As 21st Century beings, we’re getting quite good at the burial process. Funeral plans right down to tailored coffin designs and make-up artists have been utilised to provide respect for those passed.
Call me anti-traditionalist but in a world where preserving our environment is essential, manufacturing coffins seems slightly out-dated.

Well, recent designs have altered the popular yet somewhat grim choice of being six feet under in a box, whilst giving back to our ever-dying environment, no pun intended.

The Bios Urn has been designed to incorporate the steady market of death with an eco-friendly design, perhaps softening the edges of fatality.

This isn’t just any ordinary Urn. As well as your ashes, the Bios Urn contains the seed of a tree (of your choice). The entire urn is then buried in the ground. You may also pick a variety of seeds to accompany your ashes, just in case the environment in which is it planted is not optimum. If the environment if right, the seed within your ashes will grow into a tree.

Designed and created by Spanish designer Martine Azua, it aims to produce a product to give people more choice in their burial process. Instead of coffins which aren’t exactly space efficient, placing your ashes in this urn will give back to Mother Nature and our precious environment.

The idea is that with death, comes new life. With logging rates rising and natural resources declining, this innovative idea allows us to give something back to the Earth, after it has given us so much.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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