Whether you’re travelling to the snowfields in Queenstown or planning a beach vacation to Greece, protecting your belongings is an absolute priority for every traveller. Unfortunately, year after year many travellers fall victim to cash, belonging and identity theft.

If you’re travelling alone or with a group, the rules of packing safely are simple, says Kathmandu Product and Training Expect Daan Dijkstra. Daan argues “the key to travelling to a new country, is to pack smart.” This is particularly important when adventuring through foreign areas, visiting tourist-heavy cities or exploring high-risk areas.

Daan gives us his low-down on how best protect yourself while travelling.

Protect Your Identity
The rise in modern technology not only enables travellers to spam friends with thousands of holiday posts and beach-envy photos, but also serves as the main contributor to the $300 billion dollar credit card fraud industry. These days, criminals can easy obtain traveller identity details and syphon cash by using RFID skimmers. To protect yourself, your identity and all your hard-earned dollars, consider purchasing a travel wallet with RFID electromagnetic shielding technology. It could be the difference between a pool tanning session and a visit to the local police station. The Kathmandu’s Departure Wallet keeps everything safe in a compact and simple manner. Make travel smart choices now and you’ll thank yourself later.




Lock and Label
Make your luggage distinguishable on the luggage carousel by adding a luggage tag to your checked bags. To safeguard your bag further, purchase small combination locks that bolt the zips of your bag together. This reduces the risk of any unwanted visitors cracking open your bag. Hot tip: use locks with combination mechanisms to avoid and lost-key issues. The Kathmandu Travel Security ID Kit is the perfect safety accessory for any traveller, equipped with an ID tag and a small combination lock to seal everything away.

Zip It
Pocket, meet zip – sounds simple, but loose satchels and open bags are just asking for swift hands to make light of your heavy cash. When purchasing travel bags – be it luggage, handbag or daypack, ensure that all openings have a zip or secure closure and use it!

If you find yourself in a particularly unsafe/crowded area, keep those valuables close by investing in an adjustable belted bag that can be worn around the waist, over the shoulder or as a backpack. For some inspiration check out the Transit Magic Pack by Kathmandu.

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Written by Atal Hakikat

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