Who knew makeup could have over a centuries worth of scientific research behind it, as well as being able to un-wind the clock on your skin? Now you can invest your money in a product that does just that. The YSL Beaute’ Forever Youth Liberator Serum has been carefully researched by skincare specialists, scientists and dermatologists to produce a product that produces anti-ageing effects. Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience with another supposed anti-ageing product in the past that don’t live up to their name. Worry no more ladies!

The Serum is a product of the relationship between glycobiology (the science of glycans applied to the skin and cosmetics) and its relationship with dermatology. As part of the Deutsches Technikmuseum, the Berlin museum of Science and Technology Collection is celebrating this link in an exhibition about sugars titled: “Sugars and Beyond! Food – Matter – Energy.” Previously, the Berlin-based Sugar Museum looked at the social history of cane and beet sugars. Now, after three years of renovations, visitors can explore the evolving world of skincare. 

In your younger years prior to menopause, women pump out higher levels of collagen which gives that plumped up effect to the skin, and less wrinkles. You wouldn’t think you’d be able to achieve that youthful looking glow at a post menopausal age but science is on your side. The serum contains rhamnose, a naturally occurring sugar produced from plants such as Buckthorn and poison sumac. Rhamnose has anti inflammatory properties and is one of the special ingredients to help skin stay supple before the effects of ageing damage it.

Skincare specialists from all over L’Oreal Research are working together to pave the future face of medicine. It’s not only used for aesthetic purposes in fighting against anti-wrinkle performance, but will one day have the capacity to fight against infectious diseases. It contains synthetic antioxidants as well as the cell-communicating ingredient adenosine and skin-repairing sodium hyaluronate.

The sweet connection between sugar and medicine has been recognised by 7 Nobel prizes. Many women are heralding its praises, noting the effect it has on their skin within a month of using it. Their skin is more supple, skin tone and texture more even, wrinkles lifted and a more youthful radiance to their skin. Those treated with rhamnose produced fewer ageing byproducts (AGEs) Forever Youth Liberator Serum is worth keeping an eye out on.