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We test the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Shoe Cleaner”; Crep Protect CURE

Shoes are just as important as any other garment, so why don’t we keep them looking fresh.

Incoming!! Crep Protect CURE, a new technology that will have your shoes looking good as new.

Shoe fashion is fast becoming as popular with blokes as it has been with girls for years. This new fondness goes hand in hand with a desire to keep said kicks looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Short of leaving your fav shoes in their box and merely admiring them on rare occasions it is nigh impossible to go without the occasional scuffs, nicks and stains (or if you’re like me wearing them on a night out will also entail multiple drinks being spilt on them).

Now Crep Project a UK company launched in 2012 is here to change the game and revolutionize the (dirty) shoe industry. Their flagship product Crep Protect CURE (which is currently sold out on their website) promises to freshen up even the stalest pair of Nikes.

The kit incorporates a cleaning solution made from 98% natural ingredients (including coconut extracts and jojoba), a hog hair scrubbing brush and a microfibre polishing cloth. All you need is a few drops into a bowl of water, then using the brush, work up a lather on the shoe. Wipe down with the cloth and your shoes should look brand new – well at least that is what their Youtube demonstration promises.

The company states that using shorter bristles gives better cleaning results whilst hog hair is softer than other alternatives meaning the brush is able to clean more delicate materials – such as suede.

anting to give the kit a go myself I got out my very tired looking Timberlands and… was very impressed with the results! I used the solution pretty sparingly but the improvement is obvious.

The comparison photo is below for you to check out yourself. If you want to give it a go, grab The Ultimate Cure from Glue Store for $34.95


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