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  • Smart Phones
    Moshi the Superhero of Smartphone Covers

    Have you got yourself the new iPhone X? Now all you need is to accessorise and protect that small fortune. Moshi...

    Gina IanoseviciDecember 6, 2017
  • Technology
    Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Motion Eye Video Clip

    The new Sony Xperia XZ Premium is soon to be released and word on the street its set to be one...

    Gina IanoseviciMay 12, 2017
  • Technology
    Detox from Social Media with Bugbeans’ AntiSocial App

    Ever notice antisocial behaviour when you’re out with your friends for dinner and everyone is silent yet they are face down...

    Gina IanoseviciFebruary 2, 2017
  • Smart Phones
    Snap a Kodak Moment with KODAK EKTRA

    Photography enthusiasts and experts would be happy to hear Eastman Kodak Company and Bullitt Group have revealed the new KODAK EKTRA...

    Gina IanoseviciDecember 1, 2016
  • Technology
    Introducing Pixel the Smartphone by Google

    Google have designed their first ever phone, inside and out, and its called Pixel. This snazzy device is made to look...

    Gina IanoseviciOctober 19, 2016
  • Technology
    Apple’s New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

    Friday just got even better with Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus up for pre-order online today, Friday 9th...

    Gina IanoseviciSeptember 9, 2016
  • Technology
    Apple iPhone SE

    The Apple iPhone SE has all the features of an iPhone 6S. But it’s smaller, and cheaper. If you’re still kicking...

    CharmaineMarch 24, 2016
  • Technology
    The World’s First Smart Ring You’ll Actually Wear

    Your technology should be subtle. Your jewellery should be smart. It’s quite a proclamation US based jewellery company Ringly are making....

    Matilda RuddNovember 26, 2015
  • Technology
    Keep your Smartphones and Tablets Charged with Mophie

    If you’re a frequent traveller to the US, your Mophie is an essential travelling companion. Enhanced screening requirements for electrical devices...

    Atal HakikatAugust 4, 2014
  • Technology
    LG G Flex

    The smartphone industry is exploding with the ever-growing demand for what’s next in the long line of new innovative mobile technology....

    Maggie RoseMarch 20, 2014
  • Technology
    Stay Connected With Galaxy S4

    The recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 has been one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market. Its top end features...

    Atal HakikatJuly 16, 2013
  • Technology
    The world of HTC Smart Phones

    Looking back, 2012 was indeed the year of the smart phone. From the release of the iPhone 5 to Windows 8...

    Atal HakikatJanuary 10, 2013
  • Technology
    HTC Inspire 4G

    If you are considering trying one of the HTC smartphones, the HTC Inspire 4G has been numbered at the top of...

    Atal HakikatSeptember 27, 2011
  • Technology
    HTC HD7 Smartphone (Telstra)

    Introducing the Windows HTC HD7 Smartphone. What can be considered as one of the major up coming threats to the success...

    Atal HakikatSeptember 27, 2011