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  • Technology
    Iconic Bose QC35 Headphones Just Got Better!

    “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”, well apparently Bose don’t play by those rules, the company announced the release of...

    Gina IanoseviciOctober 12, 2017
  • Technology
    Music to Your Ears Thanks to Sonos Playbar

    Consider yourself a serious music lover? Well perhaps if you haven’t already, its time for you to get the Sonos Playbar!...

    Gina IanoseviciSeptember 22, 2017
  • Technology
    HomePod Reinvents Music in the Home

    Eliminate the wires in your life with the latest technology in home appliances – the HomePod by Apple. This breakthrough wireless...

    Gina IanoseviciAugust 4, 2017
  • Entertainment
    Coldplay Puts on a Spectacular Grand Finale

    Despite the rain last night in Sydney, over 40 thousand people gathered in their ponchos to experience what was one absolutely...

    Gina IanoseviciDecember 15, 2016
  • Technology

    Isn’t it a pain when your speakers get drenched from the beach, not affording you the functionality of listening to your...

    Atal HakikatDecember 14, 2015
  • Featured
    The Yamaha P255B Digital Piano

    The Yamaha P225B digital piano is a top of the line a digital piano designed to mimic an acoustic grand piano...

    Mary NguyenJuly 24, 2015
  • Eco
    Iconic Music For An Iconic Reef

    Some of the world’s best national and international classical musicians will be joined at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music this...

    Atal HakikatJune 25, 2013
  • Technology
    Orla Kiely Pure Audio

    Orla Kiely, London-based Irish fashion designer, has moved from designing hats to a domestic design goddess. Her latest addition to loveable...

    Atal HakikatNovember 1, 2012