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Stay Connected with Cygnett Portable Power Banks

Charge up anytime, anywhere with Cygnett Portable Power Banks!

Ever been a victim of a flat phone battery and nowhere to charge your phone?

We’ve all being inconvenienced by this possibly more than once, but now there’s no excuse with Cygnett Portable Power Banks!

For this reason, the Cygnett range of power banks are highly portable chargers that provide power at our fingertips when we need it most.

Cygnett Portable ChargerCygnett Portable ChargerNothing says convenient like something compact enough to carry around in your handbag, briefcase, laptop bag, toolbox or even pocket!

Especially when needed most, the Cygnett Portable Power Banks will be there ready to keep you connected!

Ranging from the high-performance, long-lasting ChargeUp Ultra 20,000mAh (powerful enough to charge the new MacBook 12).

If you’re after something smaller the ultra-slim and lightweight ChargeUp Pocket 2,500mAh.

Giving just the right amount of power needed to charge in those emergency situations.



If you’re a gym junkie or love sport, Cygnett FreeRun Wireless Bluetooth Earphones will be your go to!

For those with an active lifestyle these earphones are lightweight, comfortable and provide high-quality sound tuned.

Cygnett Portable Charger

The FreeRun Earphones are wire free and compatible with a wide range of digital devices making it your ultimate workout companion.

Adventurers who love the great outdoors, the Cygnett ChargeUp Auto 12V Jump Starter and Power pack will be your best friend.

This gives you the power to jump start your car, boat, motorcycle safely, effectively and quickly.

It’s a must-have for all camping trips, fishing adventures, 4WD tours and just for your everyday convenience.

Cygnett Portable Power Banks

Use it on outdoor equipment like portable fridges, cookers, tools and torches – never go without power again!

Its fair to say, Cygnett Portable Power Banks have you covered for any situation so you can stay connected and fully charged on the go!

For more information on these portable power banks visit Cygnett online.

Cygnett Portable Power Chargers

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