The new app Splitr is taking the world by storm as it revolutionises the experience of dining, shopping and gift buying, to name just a few of the many areas that the app has profoundly affected.

Splitr allows users to easily split bills amongst a group of friends in just four taps that are bound to save a lot of hassle and many awkward conversations.

The first step is to simply take a photo of a bill or receipt, after which Splitr quickly calculates and separates individual items and their costs. Bills can be split evenly amongst a group or alternatively assigned to who-ate-what by dragging and dropping items next to each individual’s name – so no more arguing over who did and didn’t drink the wine!

Splitr also syncs with phone contacts and Facebook to notify each person of the amounts they owe, and if there’s a new person in the group whose contact you don’t have, simply enter their phone number and Splitr will notify them via text.

It also has a secure inbuilt payment platform that keeps track of bank details and the amount that each individual has paid. However, if someone pays you back in cash, their amount owing can be manually altered so that you don’t have to try and remember if you’ve been correctly reimbursed.

Splitr does all the work for you so that enjoy your meal stress-free. Their motto is ‘split bills not friendships’ and by downloading the easy-to-use app you’ll never have to fear that awkward conversation over who owes what again.