The Smeg FAB50 refrigerator now completes the little black look of style in the kitchen you have been waiting for!

Smeg is the undisputed arbiter of vintage style in the kitchen, and the newest addition FAB50 refrigerator is now available in all black.

The stunning family-sized two-door refrigerator was previously only available in white, silver and cream, but now glossy jet black!Vintage Smeg Fridge

This jet-black model is the perfect partner to the Victorian Collection of freestanding and built-in ovens plus a semi-integrated dishwasher.

Style your kitchen with Smeg’s multi-award winning small appliances, which also come in jet-black – it’s a match made in heaven.

Smeg has covered everything for lovers of authentic vintage style for years, a retro style with 21st century technology – so you can get the best of both worlds.

Jet Black Fridge

The FAB50 refrigerator compromises a refrigerator (338 litre capacity) and a top-mounted freezer (135 litre capacity) both of which are frost-free.

Inside the refrigerator are two chiller compartments, adjustable quick chill crystal glass shelves and two fruit/vegetable compartments.

With this, the freezer has a manual ice-maker and fast freeze compartment.

You can visit Smeg online to view more of its jet-black collection, and start styling your kitchen with the best new-age retro appliances!