Take dinner parties to a whole new level by serving up your delicious meals with Noritake’s latest stunning tableware collection – NoN and GoG.

The latest 2016 collection screams summer and will have your guests admiring not just the food that sits before them!

Warmer months are my favourite for all the many gatherings – whether its lunches, afternoon drinks or divine dinners – there are invitations popping up everywhere.

Noritake’s latest offering for the summer of 16 includes a mix of textured tableware and handmade Italian glassware with a spectacular palette.

The palette includes an amazing deep blue and silvery grey, highlighted with faceted goblets and tumblers in hues of amber and navy – there’s a real wow factor about them.

NoN and GoG tableware features a subtle textured swirl pattern on each piece in a choice of grey on grey or navy on navy.

Made from fine porcelain and yet still chip resistance, dishwasher and microwave safe!

With a smart yet chic overall look, you can chose the monochromatic setting with a grey on grey, or you can step it up a notch by using a mixed set – silver on blue visa versa.

You can’t possibly go wrong with this a colour pairing made in heaven and throw in the amber glassware for a contemporary twist!

Noritake’s IVV Speedy glassware is crafted in Italy by a group of master craftsman from the finest quality glass, which means no two will be exactly the same, keeping it pretty special.


Noritake’s NoN and GoG fine porcelain dinnerware comes in sets of 12 pieces (for four) plus sets of four mugs, while the IVV Speedy tumblers and goblets come in sets of six in both amber and mixed colours.

If you wish to find out more about this stunning set, visit Noritake online.

Pricing below.

Noritake NoN 12 piece dinnerware set $340

Noritake GoG 12 piece dinnerware set $340

Noritake NoN Set of 4 mugs $ 92

Noritake GoG Set of 4 mugs $ 92

Noritake IVV Speedy Goblets, set of six in amber $261

Noritake IVV Speedy Goblets, set of six in mixed colours $261

Noritake IVV Speedy Tumblers, set of six in amber $151

Noritake IVV Speedy Goblets, set of six in mixed colours $151