Unmatched sound for size”, its the simplest and best way to describe the new Micro Bluetooth Speaker by Bose – the smallest most rugged portable speaker yet.

It measures to be just 9.5cms wide and deep, then 3.8cms high and only weighing a mere 290 grams.

The Micro Bluetooth Speaker is quite literally so tiny you can take it anywhere with you, and don’t let the size of it fool you. This tiny thing produces sound like no other small speaker.

Director of Bose on-the-go products, Brian Maguire, said, “For listening on-the-go, there’s nothing quite like the Micro… No other Bluetooth speaker this small sounds this good – so you’ll never want to leave it behind.”

The speaker was built for just about everything so you won’t ever need to go without it. It will become a part of every music lovers must-haves!

Bose built this little guy tough, so its super durable, it can survive summer’s extreme heat, winters bitter cold and more than the industry’s IPX7 rating (impressive much?).

Waterproof from the inside out, made and tested with soapy water, chlorinated water and salt water, rain, hail or snow, the Micro Bluetooth speaker will outlive it all.

Mini Portable Speaker

It’s silicone exterior protects it from scratches, dents, cracks, hits, falls, dust, dirt and sand.

The Micro is available in three different colours including; Black, Midnight Blue, and Bright Orange.

It became available last week so check Bose out online for further information!