The 2017 International James Dyson Award (JDA) is set to be even bigger and more competitive than ever before.

The Prestigious Award is championing every budding engineer and design student or graduate to enter their ideas for solutions of real world problems.

Climate control has deemed to be one of the most popular topics amongst the environmental category, and is predicted to be a hot theme for entries.

Last year Katherine Kawecki was the international runner up with her submission; the asthma savior Respia, has landed her a position in the judging panel at this years James Dyson Award.

This is an exciting time for women in the engineering industry, which was once a male dominated industry.

Katherine, a 22-year-old young industrial designer, became the acclaimed international runner up with her submission of an asthma management system.

The system tracks and records the user’s respiratory health and mediation use.

With asthma affecting 1 in 10 Australians causing 419 deaths in 2014 alone, and costing Australians $28 billion per annum collectively.

Katherine was committed to making a difference and was inspired by those figures to create a better asthma management experience.

For more information about the James Dyson Award visit online here.