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Old IKEA Furniture Might Pay For Your Holiday!

Don’t throw that old chair out just yet! Classic IKEA furniture is making top prices at auctions according to Barnebys online auction page!

It’s a rare case where hoarding items from years ago finally came in handy – grab your feather duster and get selling!

Several IKEA designs have been are sold today at auctions for prices that exceed their original modest purchase prices.

Barnebys host 2,000 auction houses on the site and offer direction for art collectors to the appropriate auction house.

The most expensive IKEA furniture sold at auction is the Åke, which was manufactured in 1952-1956.

Åke range included both armchairs and sofas nicknamed the ‘Mushroom’ or ‘Clam’ chair, and its one of the world’s hottest decorative items.

The chair has astonished the collecting world after climbing the ladder in value by thousands of pounds at auctions worldwide over the years.

Sold for a whooping £50,000 at international fine art design fairs, even the seller didn’t know it was IKEA, let a lone a piece by the Danish architect Philip Arctander.

Keen-eyed collectors are searching for classic IKEA pieces that were once modest furniture in our humble homes.

Among the most sought after furniture like the Åke armchair include the ‘Vibert’ chairs, ‘Teak’ book shelves and many more pieces.

Check it out for yourself! These are just a few items that have sky rocketed in price over the years:

Vibert chairs by Panton £700 a chair and rising


You never know what hidden treasures you might have stored in your home.

Visit Barnebys for all things auction where you can purchase pre-loved bits and pieces, or earn yourself a buck (or ten if it’s a classic IKEA piece).

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