Eliminate the wires in your life with the latest technology in home appliances – the HomePod by Apple.

This breakthrough wireless speaker for the home delivers amazing audio quality and uses spatial awareness to sense its location in the room to automatically adjust the audio – how’s that for smart technology!?

The HomePod features an Apple-designed woofer for deep, clean bass, a custom array of seven beam-forming tweeter that provide pure high frequency acoustics with incredible directional control.

Its powerful technologies are built in to preserve the richness and intent of the recordings.


HomePod also includes voice control with an array of six microphones, so users can interact with it from across the room, even when loud music is playing in the background.

There are some impressive advanced technologies included in the HomePod, these are:

  • Apple-designed upward facing woofer
  • Custom array of seven beam-forming tweeters
  • Apple-designed A8 chip
  • Automatic room-sensing technology
  • Six-microphone array
  • Siri Waveform
  • Automatic detection and balance
  • Easy setup

Apple one of the biggest leaders in innovation and technology so we have high expectations for the HomePod which we believe can be totally met.

Pricing and availability of the HomePod can be found online with further information about the product.