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Kohler Has Us Talking About Toilets – Englefield Electronic Bidet Seat

Kohler Has Us Talking About Toilets – Englefield Electronic Bidet Seat

Toilets aren’t usually a topic that comes up often in conversation, but this is definitely worth a mention!

Kohler has transformed an ordinary dunny into luxury personal hygiene centres with Englefield Electronic Bidet Seat features.

Being the world’s leading innovator in technology-rich bathroom products, the electronic bidet toilet seat compares to no other.

It can be retro-fitted to many brands of conventional toilets including Kohler and Englefield.

Features of the Bidet Seat include a comfortable heated seat, heated water reservoir to deliver a choice of oscillating or normal warm water spray, heated air dryer, deodoriser, high-grade stainless steel wand for rear/bidet wash, and a self cleaning function.

The Kohler Englefield Electronic Bidet Seat offers a high level of luxury in personal hygiene and comfort in a unique never before seen product.

It blows the ordinary dunny out of the water and is set to change the way we use the toilet.

The Englefield Electronic Bidet Seat by Kohler is available nationally for RRP $899.

Stockists include; Harvey Norman, Domayne, E&S Stores, Steve Dickinson, Bundall, Perth Bathroom Packages. Becks Home Timber and Hardware, Launceston West Hobart Plumbing.


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